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Whether you're remodeling your offices, or just generating a substantial amount of waste metal, our recycling experts will make it easy for you to get rid of your waste material and make money doing it. Enjoy pick-up services that fit your schedule, as well as the opportunity to have your scrap metal fully processed and shipped.

If you're remodeling your home, then you may find yourself generating the kind of scrap that most disposal companies aren't equipped to deal with. If you have a substantial amount of copper piping or wiring to get rid of,  you will need a roll-off container from Fox Valley Recycling & Torching, LLC today.

Tired of rusting equipment and damaged metal taking up space on your property? Have it hauled away and earn money. It's easy, just give us a call and our fully licensed and insured retrieval team will be headed your way in no time. We're experienced in transporting and processing scrap metal no matter what shape it is in.

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