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Get paid to get rid of that mess in your yard. Waste metals slowly decompose and can leach into the groundwater where they have harmful effects on the plant and animal populations in your area.

Help protect your environment and give us a call. Our experts will pick up the scrap metal from your home, farm or business.

We recycle all kinds of scrap metals:

We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of recycling technology. With advances in chemical and physical recycling methods, we're able to break down almost all kinds of scrap metal. Sell us your copper, brass,  aluminum, lead, or iron waste today.  Just give us a call at any of our convenient locations in Omro, Wautoma or Oshkosh and we'll pick it up FAST.

Recycling for residential, agricultural, and industrial clients

Quality recycling solutions

Waste metal

Comprehensive recycling

Modern techniques

  • Aluminum / cans

  • Brass / nickel

  • Steel / stainless steel

  • Iron / lead

  • Copper / insulated copper

  • Auto salvage / plant materials